Jump into better journeys.

    “It’s the journey that’s important, not the getting there.”
    John McLeod

    Mr. John, among other things, was a exquisit lier, as when you spend 2 hours canned in a subway train daily,
    you can’t wait to reach your destination. Unless you spend your time differently than looking at hypnotic bald heads.



    Introducing a better way to travel.

    What if you had great stories that match your travel span so you don’t have to spend it waiting? This is the purpose of Bounds: it gives you good readings to have a nice trip. Let’s plan some trips to see the user journey (indeed).

    Long trip: fasten your seatbelts.

    If you’re about to fly, tap the plane.

    We don’t want to ask you all the fuzzy details of your trip. Just give us the #, and we’ll read the flight and its time-lenght.

    Before we offer you readings, you can choose your favourite genre and tap some keywords that will help us to find your perfect match.

    Once you’ve finished, the result is a list of readings that will help you avoid those cheesy VOD movies for the whole flight.



    Short trip: Mind the gap.

    Do you enjoy stalking on your way to work? Not anymore, tap the subway.

    If you’re geolocation is activated, we’ll only need to know where you’re headed.

    As a question of taste, you can always choose new genres and keywords to read something different.

    The results are short stories of your favorite american writers that will stay with you until your last stop.

    Destination: your profile.

    Come on in. At your profile you may test your reading speed with a reading sample before your next trip, take a look at your stats, adjust your favorite keywords, and maybe finish that Infinite Jest. It’s about time.



    Jazz up the book business model.

    A subscription model based on a monthly fee sounds right for films, games and music. Why shouldn’t we try with books? Tech is ready and steady, and people is willing to pay for good content on the other. Give it a go.

    Hey! Did you like those pixel-perfect book covers?

    They’re part of a broader project called “The Penguin digital book”. Do you want to take a look?

    Let’s go


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