An app for hardcore gamers.

    Gaming is not a game.

    When you’re a gamer waiting for your next blockbuster, you have a monkey on your back.
    You can’t stop searching posts, updates and forum threads. But so far, you haven’t
    been able to keep up to date with your best (other) tool: your phone.



    Press any button to start.

    Current gaming websites are loaded with
    tons of information that blurs the truly
    important fact you need to know about
    a game: When can I start playing it?

    Litio (a spanish word for “lithium”) is a
    simple calendar app to that feeds you
    with the release dates of videogames
    for any platform.

    Level 1: Your timeline.

    Your basic controls are:
    Press and hold for the new arrivals this month.
    Tap in a game to know more about it.
    Swipe the bottom for looking next months.



    And what about “that” game?

    If you want to go straight to the bone,
    swipe left and search the game you’re
    looking for in our list. For those games
    you’re following at lithium, swipe right.

    Lithium is still under development, but in the mean time here is a sneak peak of the app screen shots.

    Stay tuned!


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